Our tributes to Sri Nukala Rama Koteswara Rao, Sri Kota Sreeramulu Gupta, Miss.Kothamasu Chandrakala and Sri BellamKonda Venkateswarulu, the donors of the College. We Pay Homeage to Sri Kolipakula Venkata Subba Rao, the Founder Secretary & Correspondent of Potti Sree Ramulu Educational Society. Their Wish and Motto is Being Continued by the President Sri Namburu Venkata Krishna Murthy and Sri Nukala Venkata Venu Gopal Rao, an Industrialist and the Secretary & Correspondent.

Magnet is attracting the graduate iron filing. Our horse shoe shaped magnetic campus has been attracting the graduates and post graduates aspirants magnanimously for the past decade. Under the umbrella of POTTI SREE RAMULU EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, we titled NRK & KSR Gupta Degree College, K.Chandrakala P.G College, KC & BV College Of Pharmacy, KSR & KRK College Of Education, KC & BV Hindi Pandit Training College, NRK & KSR Gupta College Of Pharmacy. These colleges endeavor for progress and reached an estimable position, not only in Tenali, but also owned flagship in Acharya Nagarjuna University by promoting values and ethics in educational system. Year after year we are adding new courses and letting the students to feel convenient and comfort in learning. Our students success path has proven the efficiency and given us encouragement to continue the rush for further progress. Quality teaching and administration are the traditional strengths of POTTI SREE RAMULU EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY.

The main purpose of our POTTI SREE RAMULU EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is to serve the cause of semi urban and rural poor. We brought the B.Ed course to reach the common man. Through this we are able to bring out excellence from rural poor. Our KSR & KRK College of Education under the umbrella of POTTI SREE RAMULU EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY is running as an industry that produces future Teachers.