The institution is endowed with excellent facilities required for creating congenial academic atmosphere. It has good academic infrastructure consisting of principal’s office, staff room, class rooms, seminar hall, assembly hall, library, computer lab, psychology lab, educational technology lab, science lab, ladies waiting hall, sports room, store rooms, etc. The entire academic area has internet connectivity of a high band width.  The entire college is under the umbrella of intercom system.

The institution has self sufficient building with adequate space for expansion. There is a seminar hall with a capacity of 150 students . There are 6 class rooms for B.Ed course. There is provision for using L.C.D. projector, over head projector and audio equipment in all these rooms.

The institution has power supply from the public utility services. The institution has water facility.

Each room in the institution’s building has required furniture according to the purpose for which the room is utilized.

The institution’s campus is fully utilized for its own activities. However, some outside agencies like Government and non-Government Organizations are permitted to use the infrastructure for conducting various examinations, social and cultural activities and academic programs free of charge. Every effort is made to keep the whole campus clean and student-friendly.